Hangtags are attached to garments or other pieces of merchandise to include a variety

of information, like the name of the designer or manufacturer, care instructions or the

fabric or material used for an item. Sometimes they also include the price information.

Many of our customers prefer to use extra barcode stickers on the hangtags which give

them more flexibility. As an industry standard many end customers expect to find a

hangtag on the products and their purchasing decisions are greatly influenced by the

hangtags. If the hangtags seem cheap and / or inadequate, this may inadvertently

convey to customers that your products are substandard and your brand image could

be ruined as well. Common marketing approach is differentiating the hangtag from

other similar brands on the market. This way hangtag can stand out on the product and

attract as well as inform the end customers.

As you know, when it comes to Label, many types of labels come to mind, different names and terms cause more meaning.

In this article, I will talk about which tags and what they do.

Label Types;

Cardboard & Shake Label

It is a type of label that is more suitable than paper and in terms of its raw material,

Customer Ready-to-Wear review, also can be considered in many different estimates

It is a kind of identity of your company and product. It shows the value that improves in terms of design and quality. A careless design affects the victim.

Many different techniques are used as printing,

Woven Label

Woven labels are the most common solution for branding in the clothing industry. They

are widely used on purses, luggage, rugs, towels, toys, promotional items, bedding etc.,

too. Such labels are widely chosen since they are pretty economical. Woven labels are

very durable and launders better in the long run compared to printed labels. One of our

core competencies is the preparing of advanced weaving matrix and the production of

highly complicated tailor-made woven labels. Besides, all our woven labels are certified

with OEKO-TEX®.

Printed Label

Printed labels are usually an alternative to the woven labels. In this case cotton fabric or

satin materials are used as base material. Our customers prefer printed labels usually

for sustainable solutions using 100 % cotton fabric base materials or for care labels on


Silicone Label

Rubber labels are made of soft PVC which makes them water-resistant. Therefore, they are

usually applied on outerwear. They can be made of granules with up to eight different colors.

Transparent material is possible, too. Thickness of the label can vary within 0,7 and 6,3 mm

with multiple layers in total. Most of the time they are applied onto substrates made of felt,

leather and nubuck.