Sustainability has also come to the textile industry. It is more than the use of organic cotton and better working conditions.

Consumption of water, energy and chemicals creates challenges for textile companies at every stage of the value chain.

Challenges in the textile industry

Every day we come across textiles in many different forms – clothes, carpets, towels, seat covers or medical aid.

Before a finished product is produced, it goes through several production stages and often spans thousands of kilometers.

Sustainability starts with product design

The materials used for a textile not only determine the nature of the value chain and supply chain, but also the recycling possibilities.

The more different materials and chemicals used, the more difficult the recycling and the higher the resource consumption.

R&D in the textile industry is not only about optimizing resource consumption, but also about developing clean technology products that save resources. The application of textiles as solar collectors, pollutant filters or insulating material offers great potential for innovation.