Sustainable labels & accessories for the fashion industry.


As a global partner of printed media, labels and packaging solutions with almost 70 years of experience, we’ve always been focusing on cutting edge designs, new product developments and scientific researches in terms of sustainability as well as focusing on energy efficiency. Our aim is to provide our client with most trendy designs at the same time focusing on how we can support them with cutting down the environmental impacts of our products on climate change, oceans and biodiversity. We’re obsessed with how we can help to preserve our world for future generations.

Production rate

Packaging 36%
Construction 16%
Textile 14%

Waste contribution

Packaging 47%
Textile 16%
Other 13%

Product life

Packaging 6 months
Textile 36 months
Construction 35 years

Each year

billion garments are produced
billion label and accesories go to trash.

Why ReSustain?

Produced from waste,
friendly and
recycled resources.


compared to
its counterparts.


Have durability
properties equivalent
to pure plastics.


Can be produced
up to 70% biobased.


Supports all 3
criteria of The Fashion Pact.

Accessories Group


Seal Tags


REBIL Group is certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and in the European market uses exclusively certified papers from FSC certified paper mills. This makes sure that our purchases come from responsibly managed forests and stops arbitrary deforestation. Furthermore, we encourage the use of recycled paper. Upon request, we can also use sustainable vegetable-based (soy, canola or coconut) inks with the latest mineral-oil free technology. This gives us the possibility to use renewable raw materials to the highest possible proportion and to minimize or eliminate petroleum-based mineral oils. Such inks comply with EN 71/3 (suitability for toy packaging), CONEG (heavy metal regulation) as well as with ISO 2846-1 and allow printing in accordance to ISO 12647-2. For sure, the use of renewable resources is a contribution to environmental sustainability. This not only gives us peace of mind but also helps us to work with like-minded partners. This way we also drive other organizations in the whole supply chain to adapt their own practices as well.

We are also ISO 50001:2011 certified which is an energy management standard to manage energy – including all aspects of energy procurement and use. This helps us to establish a structure and discipline to implement technical and managerial strategies that significantly cut energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Besides, our whole environmental management system is certified by ISO 14001:2015. This is a systematic framework to manage the immediate and long-term environmental impacts of our products, services and processes. We can assure that our environmental management system meets international industryspecific environmental standards. Furthermore, we are using the Higg Index to identify important areas of activities in our supply chain because of our beliefs in environmental, social and labor aspects. This way we can achieve a great transparency about our environmental impact and benchmark our own sustainability performance when compared to the other stakeholders in the whole global supply chain. Hence, the whole industry will be able to report more specifically on water, energy and raw material consumption, waste and wastewater in the future. This will accelerate more innovations for green products as well. Let’s save our resources and make the world a better place for our children!

100% Cotton Canvas

30% Biobased

Plastic Seal

100% Cotton


40% Biobased


FSC Certified


100% Cotton Canvas

Silicone Print

63% Biobased Oleatex Leather Label


Circular Economy